I knew Shihan Cestari both directly and indirectly for some 30 years. I remember him as a young man training with my Dad and Mike DePasquale, Sr. at the FOPJJ Clinics many years ago. He always gave 150% on the mat. Years later, after my Dad had passed on, we re-connected. I was honored to be asked by Carl to teach at one of his Seminars at Kean College in 2005. It was a great day! I got to meet many of his students and re-kindle an old friendship.

I will remember Carl as an honest, no nonsense, old school Martial Artist. VERY much like myself. Which is probably why we got along so well. He was only 48 years old at his passing, a year younger than myself, but in those 48 years, he packed in TWICE that amount. He will be sorely missed by those who trained with him, and who knew and loved him.

Rest easy, my friend. Give my Dad a kiss for me.

Carl, Clint and Hanshi Siringano.
Keane College - 2005