It has come to my attention that there have been certificates of rank issued by an individual named Craig Lemster from something known as the American Martial Arts Association. The certificates are issued with the arts of "Goshindo Kempo - Tang Soo Do- Karate."

They also bear what is alleged to be the "signature" of my late father, Hanshi Pete Siringano.

First of all; NO ONE by this name ever studied with my late father or myself at the Hombu Dojo. There are no records of any certificates issued to anyone by that name.

Second; Tang Soo Do is a KOREAN Martial Art. Neither my late father, nor myself have ever studied nor taught Tang Soo Do or anything else Korean.

Third; The "signature" on the certificate claims my father's title as PRESIDENT of this organization. My father was NEVER associated with this organization nor did he EVER use the title of PRESIDENT.

Fourth; The signature is a FORGERY and the name is misspelled. I think my father would know how to spell his own name.

Fifth; The certificate looks as if it were made by a ten year old child. It is NOT the quality certificate that is issued by the Hombu Dojo. See photo.

Hanshi Pete Siringano
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