Goshindo Kempo Karate: History

While most Japanese styles of Karate appear to have descended from the Chinese art of Ch'uan-fa, Goshindo Kempo Karate owes its development to some of the Jiu Jitsu schools that flourished in the days of the Samurai.

According to Kokumin Hyakka Jiten, the Japanese encyclopedia published in 1966 by the Heibonsha firm, Goshindo Kempo Karate's origin is rooted within the old Jiu Jitsu RYUS, or schools, such as Sekeguchi, Shibu-kawa, Kito, Jikishin, and the Tenshin-Shinyo. Some schools taught the special weapons techniques of Yawara for self defense; others preferred Tai-Jitsu with its grappling and throwing forms, or Kempo, which stresses punching, striking and kicking techniques.

In the year 1659, a Chinese named Cheng Tsu U arrived in the province of Edo. While staying at the Kokuseyi temple, Cheng Tsu U impressed the observant Samurai with demonstrations of his art, which resembled pugilism. During the latter part of the 16th century, the Kempo aspect of Jiu Jitsu had become formalized into a distinct system of self-defense, employing both hand and weapon techniques. Between the 17th and early 19th centuries, additional RYUS teaching various self-defense techniques came into existence. In this period al self-defense forms were referred to as Jiu Jitsu. Today, Goshindo Kempo Karate, like its sister arts, has evolved into one of the most universal of Karate systems.

First introduced into this country in the early 1960s by Prof. Hara Naraki to the late Hanshi Pete Siringano Sr., Goshindo Kempo Karate quickly attracted a long list of devotees, some of which are still practicing the art today. With the passing of Hanshi Siringano Sr. in 1994, the system was inherited by his son; Hanshi Pete Siringano who teaches at the World Hombu Dojo in Staten Island, New York.

Because of the simplicity and economy of movement, and its emphasis on "real life" confrontations, it has continued to remain one of the oldest and purest forms of Karate. The discipline is strict, traditionally, and the training is physically and mentally rigorous. The student of Goshindo Kempo Karate is trained in Blocking, Striking, Kicking, Sparring, Breaking Techniques, Weapons, Defenses against Armed or Unarmed Attackers, and against Multiple Attackers.

As he progresses in rank, the student gains SELF CONFIDENCE and the respect of his peers. He also becomes more PHYSICALLY FIT and ALERT to potential threatening situations. But more importantly, he has the KNOWLEDGE and SKILL to protect himself or others against harm.

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