Hanshi Ronald Duncan

On November 19, 2012 the Martial Arts world lost a True Warrior in Hanshi Ronald Duncan. I first met Hanshi Duncan when I was very young at a tournament in Manhattan. My Father, Hanshi Siringano Sr. was always impressed with his techniques and spirit.

He embodied Bushido in every sense. He was a great Sensei, Demonstrator, Sinban and most of all FRIEND.

My Father respected Hanshi Duncan and was always happy to see him and be in his company. I looked up to him as a role model. I miss him already.

I am happy that his System and Dojo are in the very good hands of his sons Gregory and Ronald, Jr. I am positive that they will carry on the fine traditions set forth by their Father and Sensei. I know only too well how painful it is to lose both people at the same time.

May God bless Hanshi Duncan and his family.



With Love and Gratitude

Hanshi Pete Siringano & Students.